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Detroit native and LA resident Jeff Horste likes to cover lighthearted topics such as book bags, candy corn, and racial inequality. Jeff showcased his comedic talents on Comedy Central twice. Once with his appearance on “Hart Of The City” and again in his half hour special, “The Next Level”, both produced by Kevin Hart. Jeff was selected by Killer Mike to be a comedy ambassador on the Weedmaps sponsored TV show Tumbleweeds on Vice TV. He’s appeared on “Laughs” on both Hulu and Fox and performs at top comedy clubs and venues across the country. He has performed in Atlanta’s Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, the Boston Comedy Festival, Limestone, and the Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival. Jeff possesses the rare versatility to connect with diverse audiences and doesn’t shy away from unique locations. He’s performed in theaters, living rooms, dispensaries, weddings, ice cream parlors, nudist colonies, parking lots, backyards, museums, and hopefully on a “stage” near you!

See Me Live!

"He was at least better

than the last guy that was here".  - Random audience member

"The most handsome comedian

in the whole wide world".

- My Mom

"He's a pretty nice guy."

- Most People I Meet

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